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Get Paid Faster with Invamatic: Expert Accounts Receivable Outsourcing for Specialty Contractors & Material Suppliers. No software to download, no employees to train.
30% More Cashflow, 30 Days, 1 New Partner.
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Intelligent Reporting
Get intelligent alerts on invoices in jeopardy so you never lose your lien rights again.
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Supercharge Your Team
Buy back your teams valuable time by eliminating the tedious manual work involved in constant follow ups.
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Amazing Communication
Stay top of mind and get paid 30% quicker with full time coverage of our US Based AR Professionals.
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Centralize AR Communication
Minimize decision-fatigue and app confusion by keeping all of your team’s AR communication in one place.
Construction is the #2 Slowest Paying Industry.

The #1 Reason Companies Go Out of Business is Cashflow

The hard truth is that doing the work is the easy part, but getting paid can be a real challenge. We know the struggle firsthand - dipping into our lines of credit, keeping a full-time team dedicated to sending invoice reminders and making calls to accounts, and using ad-hoc systems to track correspondence and invoices. It's exhausting!

That's why we founded Invamatic. With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry and a team of expert accounts receivable professionals, we understand the nuances of the business. Our tech-powered, people based solutions and construction accounting expertise can increase your cash flow by up to 30%, while reducing your overhead and eliminating those sleepless nights.

Trust us - there is a better way, and we're here to show you how.
30% of Contracters have delayed or stopped work due to late payments
Rabbet 2019 Construction Survey Report

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Streamline your business

Managed Fractional AR Team

Picture having a team of seasoned accounts receivable experts at your fingertips 24/7. With Invamatic, you don't need to worry about training or learning complicated technology - we've got you covered. Our US-based construction AR professionals will help you get paid faster, stay top of mind with your clients, and foster crucial relationships, all at a fraction of the cost of in-office staff.
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Take control of your Accounts Receivable.
Cash flow is the heart of any business, especially in construction. One late payment on a large project can you put you in hot water. With Invamatic these are things of the past.
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Digging into your line of credit (and paying interest) to cover late invoices. Let's face it, you aren't your customers bank.
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Emails and Phone calls from Trade Partners upset about not being paid, even though you haven't yet either.
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Hunting to find correspondence surrounding an invoice due to turnover and upsetting customers by re-hashing a conversation they've already had.
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Being so busy the getting actual work done that you let your lien rights lapse and risk getting paid at all.
Unpaid or Slow paid invoices put a pinch on your operations.
Take control of your cash flow, superpower your team, and focus on growing your customers.
Recession Proof Your Business
Affordable Solutions for Getting you Paid
Let your team focus on things that move the needle and we will handle the dirty work.
Up to $3m/year of revenue
Plus .75% of Overage Revenue
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Up to $5m/year of revenue
Plus .5% of Overage Revenue
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